Some evening light on the eastern edge of the moor

Each year the fact that the sun sets earlier while it is still summer takes me by surprise – I should have learnt by now.  Sunset is now around 20:30 with dusk about 21:00 so walking in the evening will require torches soon (& I’ll stop taking the camera).  With the light the way it was above I have to make the most of it.

Looking more north towards Holne moor from the same spot as the first image, the trees were caught in the evening light and looked almost artificial.  We agreed that they almost looked as though they were the sort found in model railways.

The left hand one of the above is looking back on the moor gate at Lud Gate. We walked up there from Cross Furzes before heading up Pupers. The one on the right is taken near the top of Pupers and looks almost directly south. The light on the gorse bush caught my eye.

Stopping for a drink before heading back the last light of the sun was just catching the wall of the dam on the Avon reservoir.  Out of the sun it had become fairly chilly and we headed back to the car agreeing we had been lucky to have been out on such an evening.