A stroll to Dawlish Warren

The start of the Summer holidays and the tourist season proper.  I was wandering towards the end of Dawlish Warren to catch the low tide at the point.  To get there I had to pass the main beach which had quite a few people on it enjoying the sun and the holidays.

However a very short distance away in the warren proper it was very quiet with some lovely wild flowers among the sand dunes.  It is a nature reserve jointly managed by Teignbridge council and Devon Wildlife Trust.  It is a good area for a variety of birds, wild life and flora.

The image above is taken on the very edge of the River Exe with the tide almost fully out.  There is a substantial sandbank across the mouth of the estuary however we could see no way to get to it even with the tide at that level.  I guess it would only be possible at spring tides.  There were people on the bank but they must have arrived by boat or waded.  There were also people fishing the area around the sandbanks.

Walking back along the beach again toward Dawlish Warren on the way back to the car which was at Dawlish we came across this wonderful sandcastle!