Sennen Cove to Lands End

We headed for Sennen Cove early on one of the mornings in Cornwall and walked from there to Lands End.  Sennen is a beautiful area and the beach is great – usually crowded with surfers if there is a good swell it was almost deserted when we got there.  I am not a fan of Lands End – even before it became a “theme” park it was not the best bit of Cornish coast and lacks the wildness/remoteness that seems appropriate.  Walking there seems better than driving.

The image above does show one of my favourite spots along this section of coast.  In the distance Cape Cornwall can be seen.  While it is not quite the most westerly point of England it sticks out nicely with the mine chimney on top being a good reminder of Cornwall’s industrial past.

In the foreground here you can see the R M S Mulheim (or rather the remains of the boat).  The vessel went aground on the coast in March 2003.  The crew were rescued by helicopter.  I was both surprised at how much remained and the fact that, in the seas there are in that area, so much was still there.  Lands End is the headland in the distance.

This shows the setting of Longships lighthouse on Carn Bras very clearly.  Visibility was good and from Lands End the Scilly Isles could be seen (30 miles away) as well as Wolf Rock lighthouse about 8 miles away.

I was struck by the simplicity of views such as this one.  The gradient of colours in the sky, the surf and the sand were very attractive.  I took similar shots wandering a number of the beaches on the western end of Cornwall.  All were interesting, all different.