Evening light around Heytor

Another lovely evening out in the Heytor area.  The light was stunning and, away from the bulk of Heytor, there were not many people about at all.  There were times when Heytor was quite busy however in the one above only the climbers are present.

During the walk from Black down over to Saddle tor (& back) the light changed quite a bit.  The light here on Saddle tor was a little “warmer” than some spots.

A number of people were out enjoying the evening in various ways.  The paraglider above was using a motor to make the most of the area and was around for 2 hours or more.  A microlight flew off from close to Hound tor and circled the area too.

As well as the people there were plenty of birds around – a cuckoo was calling clearly at times as were pheasants but mostly the area was quiet and tranquil.  It was a great night to be out.  I was not the only photographer out – there were 4 more catching the stunning view of the bluebells on the moors just below.

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