Some Dartmoor stone

When I take a series of photos I try and decide whether there is anything that might be interesting for a blog posting. The next step is to try and find a theme for that posting (I’d like to think most of them succeed!). “Granite” and “Dartmoor” are so closely linked I found it hard …


Speed and peace on the southern arm of the Bay

Another evening out walking the local area.  The weather was not good and there were odd showers.  However walking around Berry Head was pleasant.  The old fort there is being cleaned up up/renovated and the sea bird colony just to the south of it had a lot of birds in in.  There were auks and …


On the south west coastline in Cornwall

The farthest tip of Cornwall is a special place for me. I’ve been going there since I was very young. In particular the coast from Penzance around to St Ives has a wide variety of scenery, small harbours, cliffs, beaches, lighthouses, remains of mining and other antiquities and even some moorland. I’ve stayed in various …


Sennen Cove to Lands End

We headed for Sennen Cove early on one of the mornings in Cornwall and walked from there to Lands End.  Sennen is a beautiful area and the beach is great – usually crowded with surfers if there is a good swell it was almost deserted when we got there.  I am not a fan of …


More bluebells

Having seen the bluebells out near Hey Tor on the previous evening I went back out again with the dslr to see if I could get some more shots.  The phenomena is very short lived and I thought I would make the most of it.

Evening light around Heytor

Another lovely evening out in the Heytor area.  The light was stunning and, away from the bulk of Heytor, there were not many people about at all.  There were times when Heytor was quite busy however in the one above only the climbers are present. During the walk from Black down over to Saddle tor …