Late afternoon on the eastern edge of the moors

Although the ankle is still not good I ventured out for some short strolls on the moors yesterday (with it strapped up). The eastern area of Dartmoor around Hey Tor and Widecombe does not have the wide open spaces of the central moors and tends to be a little crowded at the height of the season. However at this time of year and at early evening the light on the moorland can be great.

Initially I walked around the Hound Tor area (Hound Tor is above) however the light was variable. There were patches of sunlight but they tended not to be where I wanted them to be!

A little later (the one above was taken about 19:00) the lower light was showing up the hedges in the fields just south of Widecombe-in-the-moor very well.

The clouds started to gather giving interesting patterns and light seen here close to Top Tor.

There was a short period where good evening sunlight hit the Hey Tor range as seen here. However the light only fell on Saddle Tor (the closer one) with Hey Tor in shadow.

After that the clouds merged and the light went – just leaving the odd ray coming through and it was time to head to the pub. It proved worth staying out a bit as, after a drink, there was a great sunset still affected by the dust from the volcanic ash plume.