Around the northern arm of the Bay

I’d not been out around the Bay for a while and so I decided to take a look around the northern arm of the Bay wandering from Torquay around to Hope’s Nose and beyond.

One of the iconic sites of Torbay is Thatcher Rock.  As seen above from Meadfoot beach (& from quite a bit of the Bay) the “thatcher” can be clearly seen going up the “roof” with a bundle of thatch on his back.

Moving on a little towards Hope’s Nose a different view of Thatcher Rock can be seen.  This is looking back into the Bay and from this angle the thatcher cannot be seen.  Brixham is to the left of Thatcher Rock and Paignton to the right.

Almost at Hope’s Nose some guys on jetskis went by.  This shows the Ore Stone (the other main island in the Bay) behind them.

At Hope’s Nose there were quite a few people fishing.  This scene caught my eye with the fishermen on the edge and the Ore Stone in the background.  The smaller rock in between had quite a colony of gulls on and is known as the Lead Stone or Flat Rock.

Finally wandering around the Babbacombe area of Torquay I came across a scene that made headlines locally when a large section of the cliff face collapsed in February.  This is Oddicombe Beach and was reported as a 5000 ton rockfall.