Sunset on Dartmoor

Looking to broaden the “ash plume sunset” images I headed up onto the moors yesterday evening.  I started off wandering around the Hey Tor area.  However the light was a bit glarey and lacked clarity (maybe an hour and a half before sunset) so I headed towards Honeybags/Chinkwell tors.  By the time I was there the was rather more clarity and the light was getting better and I got some good shots.

As I headed back I was able to get a panorama of the Hey Tor area.  The above (made up from 3 images) shows Hey tor on the left and Saddle tor on the right.  The light brought out the shadows of the trees and walls very well.

This image looks along the ridge above Widecombe towards Bonehill rocks with Honeybags and Chinkwell tors in the distance.

While there is still dust in the atmosphere from the volcanic ash the skies are certainly open again for aircraft!

The colours of the sunset were again striking.  This is taken from just above Widecombe.  I’ve watched a few sunsets in Devon generally and on the moors over the years but the last week has brought some consistently dramatic effects.