Spring in the garden

And experimenting with macros.  There are some delicate and interesting plants and parts of plants showing beautiful colours to be seen in the garden just now.  The leaf of the rose above has such colour to it – it is an old rose that was in the garden when we arrived so I don’t know its name.

The bud and the flower of a magnolia too look attractive when looked at in detail.

I thought the quince had died in the winter frosts and I pruned it back quite hard.  It seems I should not have worried too much.  While quite a few branches were dead this flower brings an interesting colour to the garden at this time of year.

While there are plenty of daffodils about now the elegance and simplicity of this one are irresistible to me.

And finally.  The same rose as seen at the top a day later.  The ladybird is lovely (and we do have quite a lot) but it is after a snack at the end of the leaf in the form of an aphid.