Dartmoor evening

Leaving home to head for the moors on Wednesday evening it was overcast and didn’t look all that promising but when we got to the southern end of Hameldon there were some glimpses of the sun.

The light on the opposite ridge (east of Widecombe) was lovely. It was illuminating the tors there (Honeybags, Chinkwell and Bonehill Rocks) nicely.

Hey tor could be seen lit up with a backdrop of grey skies as the last light hit the valley.

Heading up to the top of the ridge the sky and light to the west was changing steadily. A few clouds hung on but that added to the effect. The ridges to the west could be seen if rather indistinctly.

Reaching Hameldon Beacon the sun “set” behind the cloud. However as the clouds changed it re-emerged from time to time as we walked back to the car getting there around 9pm just as the light had effectively gone. Sadly I injured my ankle (an old injury) so it may be a while before I am back to that sort of walking.