The opportunities of Spring tides

The weather was quite good and it was the last of the really low Spring tides of the season.  It seemed worthwhile exploring the shoreline to see what might be exposed that would not be on normal low tides.

The low tide made the sign on Paignton harbour wall unnecessary for a while at least.

However it also allowed maintenance work on the anchorages on the harbour floor after a winter of storms and bad weather.  The lattice work of chains on the harbour floor where being tested and replaced where it was needed.

The very low tide gave a clear view of the spring that comes up through the sand on Paignton beach.  Depending on the flow of water the effect of it can been seen at high tide but getting close enough to see it properly requires a low tide.  The flow depends on the recent rainfall and there has been quite a bit recently so the spring was bubbling up strongly.

At the pier the shellfish and barnacles on the supports were very evident.

At Preston (the north end of Paignton seafront) there were many shellfish exposed both in large groups and singly.

In pools there were anemones (though not quite as colourful as elsewhere in the Bay), urchins and a variety of seaweed.  I did avoid as much disturbance as possibly preferring to leave flora and fauna undisturbed.  As can be seen above I did see starfish, there were a few around.  I am fairly certain this is a Common Starfish (Asterias rubens) .  There were a few around that were almost out of water however they were close to the edge of the sea at the point it was turning so would have been immersed again shortly after I took the picture.