On the edge of the water

It has been raining quite a bit over the past few days and the ground on the moors would be very wet so, given a forecast of reasonable weather, I headed towards the coast.  The Little Egret seen above is not an uncommon species in the West Country these days but this is one of the better shots I’ve got (I am not really a wildlife photographer and patience is not a virtue of mine!).  This one was intent on fishing in the Kingsbridge estuary at low tide.

Saturday morning and a reasonable day brought out quite a few people intent on enjoying the water in various ways.  There were quite a few people sailing in the estuary by Salcombe.  While it added colour to the scene I had gone there thinking about getting panoramic shots across the water of Salcombe and stitching images together which have moving objects in is not the best thing however I did get one or two.

The above is a stitch of 8 images which shows Salcombe quite well.  Images that are quite this wide are hard to show on here but one or two should make it to Commons in due course.

It was not only the Egret that was fishing.  Plenty of people were out on both the estuary and here at Beesands which I got to a little later in the day.  Given the waves coming in to Salcombe I’d expected to find some reasonable seas on the open coast forgetting just how much shelter Start Point gives to this section of the coast.

There are times when I get it wrong as far as the weather is concerned but I think I got the best of the day.  The image above was taken turning 180 degrees from the previous image looking north up Start Bay.  It was clear that parts of Devon quite close by were getting rain.