Reflections on reflections

This post does not relate to any specific photo shoot but to the fact that, from time to time, I realise I am paying as much attention to the reflections I see as the conventional view.  The one above brings a little summer to the winter weather.  As with some of the others it is on the River Dart – tidal here and at high tide.

Some settings seem to “demand” an image of reflections to me.  This one is again on the Dart but above the tidal stretch and in early light.  The winter starkness of the trees and the slightly misty light add to this one.

Others creep up on you rather more subtly.  In this one I realised the reflections were more interesting than the subject maybe.  Equally the colours in the water are brighter than the colours above (untreated too).

I caught this one yesterday.  Reflections around the sea are maybe less usual however the tidal pool here coupled with the sky, clouds and the family (I guess) intent on the activity in the water caught my eye and insisted on me taking the image.