It was a cold day on Dartmoor…

I had not been out on the moors for far too long and the forecast was for some sun (how often have I worked on the basis of the weather forecast…).  I headed for Two Bridges planning to walk up the east bank of the West Dart walking on the ridge above Wistman’s Wood (which can be seen in the above image of the valley).  I was going to cross the Dart below Crow Tor  and come back over the Beardown Tors on the west side.

The outside temperature in the car indicated around 0 to 1 degree.  The wind was strong.  By the time I got on to the ridge I was glad of the thermals and put on an extra pair of gloves (which did not help the photography!).  Holding the camera steady exposed to the wind was quite challenging – I was pleasantly surprised about the number of images that were not blurred.

The walk along the ridge, steadily rising with views opening up, was good even in the conditions.  Patches of sunlight passed over tors and rocks and I caught a few of them.  However at times the sky looked quite bleak and threatening.

The ground was quite hard to walk on and the patches of ice that I found were not easily broken.

The view back down the ridge from Higher White Tor was good however the light was intermittent.  Early on in the walk there was little and then there was a steady increase in the patches of light for a while.   However by the time I reached Lower White Tor it was obvious that I would not see anything of the sun for a while so I headed back down the ridge.

I did get the opportunity for a couple of reasonable panoramas while I was out.  This one, looking south west, was taken from Higher White Tor and the Beardown Tors are the closest with Gret Mis Tor in the distance.