Cotswold stone

A recent trip to Birmingham provided the opportunity to stop off in the Cotswolds for a couple of nights.  While I love the West Country seeing fresh places (& having some fresh photo opportunities) it always pleasant.

One of the first stops on a day out was the village of Winchcombe.  Many of the buildings there are old and are of cotswold stone.  The light on the stone is wonderfully warm (despite a flurry of snow between taking the two above).

It was not simply the buildings that caught my eye.  In the area there are many lovely churches also built of the stone with some interesting gargoyles on!

The church at Stanton was looking very nice in the afternoon winter sunshine.  There is a good pub in the village too!

The day was rounded off with a lovely sunset looking west over the plain of the river Severn from Crickley Hill country park.  I will certainly be going back to the area to explore more during the coming year.


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