One of those days when the weather was better than we had expected it would be so we decided to get out in the winter sun. We had not walked along the coast in Torbay for a while so we headed to Broadsands and parked there and walked around the coast to Elberry Cove.

This holds many memories from my childhood. It was a place I walked to and swam from many times. The “beach” itself is really one of quite large pebbles but with the tide out some of the sands were exposed. As importantly there were also rock pools to look into.¬† The colours on the anemone in the rock pool were stunning.

Few people were out despite the fact that it was a good day so we were able to explore uninterrupted. Some of the rocks and the colours could be seen as abstract art and were very attractive.

A final bonus returning to the car was a buzzard sat on one of the posts on the road side when we first saw him. By the time I had the camera out he had flown to the ground and this shot is zoomed quite a bit.