A walk frustrated

Another of those days when I set out in hope of a walk.  This time I had not driven far before I realised I was unlikely to get much of a walk in and I planned to be back for the afternoon to watch the rugby so my time was a bit limited.

The original idea had been to look around the old tin mine workings near the Warren House Inn including those around Birch Tor.  The weather when I got there did not look good nor likely to change much.  The above image looks west and the weather was coming from this direction.

I did walk up to one of the old shafts on Water Hill (appropriate) and the above was my view from there.  You can even see the spots of rain that were on my lens at the time.

At times the visibility and the light were far better as can be seen here but these moments were rare.  Kes Tor rock is on the right with Cosdon Beacon in the distance in the centre.  The water on the ground shows just how wet the moors are at present.  I guess it will be a few days before this has drained never mind dried out.

The advantage was that there were some times of drama in the view from the light, clouds and skies.

I did get this view of the Headland Warren and Challacombe down area.  There was a brief moment of sunshine which allowed me to get the three images that make up this one.  The trees in the centre foreground are where the warren house is.  To the right the deep grooves of the old (open) tin workings can be seen.  On Challacombe the remains of an old strip field system can been seen however this is best seen when the light is low in the early morning or at dusk.

For some people the weather was a positive advantage though.  Plenty of people were out canoeing on the River Dart – here at New Bridge.