More Dartmoor snow

Today with very low temperatures in the UK and in the Westcountry (-14 deg C locally on the news and -7 deg C at my house overnight) I was not sure how far on to the moors I would be able to get.  I had planned to go out with a friend however the uncertainty meant the plans had to change sadly and I walked on my own.

Given the fact that I imagined many people would head to Hey Tor I went that way and found the roads clear generally.  However I prefer the tranquillity of the moors so I went past there towards Widecombe and parked at the top of the hill leading there.

I headed north on foot towards Bonehill rocks and then went on to Bell tor and Chinkwell.

From there I turned and headed east towards the Hey tor areas again and took a wide circle back to the car.  In one or two places I was up to my knees in snow that had drifted, in many places I was the first being – human or otherwise – to have walked across the snow.  It was very cold indeed, the temperature when I left the car was -1 deg C and the wind chill was noticeable but the walk in those conditions was reward enough.

Some 100+ images later including a number of panoramas I was back at the car having enjoyed it thoroughly (& with an eye to getting out again tomorrow!).  Hopefully some of the panoramas will make it to Commons soon.