Kingsbridge and Torcross

The weather forecast was for sun… Never trust weather forecasts in the Westcountry! Heading for Kingsbridge last week and planning to head down towards Hope Cove for some coastal images it became obvious that the day was not going to be as forecast. Looking at the head of the estuary at Kingsbridge the winter light is clearly in evidence.

Moving on with the change of plan I passed Frogmore Creek which leads into the main estuary and found a family of swans. The three young ones, while large now, show the juvenile plumage clearly and for a while there was some sun.

By the time I got to Torcross there were odd glimpses of the sun but they were brief. The light on the waves was lovely and the blue of the rock there was very attractive (I have many more shots to prove that!).

Looking back towards Start Point there is that real “winter feel” to the view, cold and a little misty with what sun there is failing to really light the scene or warm the day.