Two minds with one thought

I had a text message from my daughter who lives out of my area the other evening saying there was a lovely rose coloured sky.  I replied that there was here also  and I’d just taken some  photos.

Kingsbridge and Torcross

The weather forecast was for sun… Never trust weather forecasts in the Westcountry! Heading for Kingsbridge last week and planning to head down towards Hope Cove for some coastal images it became obvious that the day was not going to be as forecast. Looking at the head of the estuary at Kingsbridge the winter light …


Some signs of Spring

While overall the countryside still looks rather faded and winter like a trip to Dartington Hall gardens yesterday showed that there are the start of signs of Spring. In addition to the snowdrops (the scent was lovely) the shoots of a number of bulbs indicated that the next few weeks should have some colour in …


Varying Winter light

Out and about locally yesterday gave some differing and interesting light conditions. In the morning I was in Torbay wandering around on the coast. The combination of the light and cloud over the Berry Head headland were very striking (and appealing). The light on a sea that was quite calm also looked good. The conditions …


Haitian emergency

No photos, not local, no apology. Haiti in general and Port-au-Prince in particular have a major humanitarian crisis due the the earthquake yesterday. There may be little we can do to help directly but there are organisations who are in a position to help if we can contribute even small amounts of money.  There is …