Towards the dark side

Slapton bay

(and for those who know my sense of humour this is the dark side not the far side!)

Early on in the photography course I exchanged emails with a fellow student where we agreed we were being drawn to the “dark side” of photography. Del may wish to comment ( :)) however I saw this as being drawn towards increasing processing of images.  For some years my photography has been as much a “matter of record” rather than overly creative.  Certainly the course has changed my views on what I will and won’t photograph.  However I am not really drawn into highly processed images in the main.


The fact that I can create the images around this page (& I am prepared to show them here!) suggests that I have some interest in this genre however I would still prefer to see a good unprocessed image.  However there is real work involved in creating such images.  Firstly there must be an appropriate image to work on (I hope these are not too bad).  After that the work starts.  Tastes are so varied that there will always be voices suggesting this or that tweak to just finish an image off – maybe that is why I prefer “real” images – the discussion is then quite limited!

I guess I quite like all the images here though possibly not in their current form.  They are ones I felt had some potential but maybe not quite in their original form. Old bricks

The bottom image is a little different to the others in that it illustrates a section of my learning image manipulation which I’ve found very useful.  The way it now is represents an impossible image in that the “obvious” bright area bottom right could not create the equally obvious shadows that can be seen (it actually has three differently placed and differing effect graduated filters on it).

Will I do more of this?  Unlikely for now.  However one aspect of this processing does draw me.  Acknowledging conversations about the subject and its value black and white treatment in varying forms does draw me (& that includes some level of sepia and the like).  I plan the next blog to be on that subject and the way the weather is at present it might be quite soon!.

A door I like