The volume of water

The UK has been suffering from some fairly substantial rainfall over the past week or so (high winds too).  The Westcountry has not been as badly affected as the north west for example but rivers have risen substantially and there has been some flooding.

Salmon leap in floodSalmon leap - summer

I’ve wanted to try and get out to capture some pictures of the rivers and – between heavy showers – I got out today along the river Dart.  The first area which I stopped at was “salmon leap” which is a fish ladder on the river Dart allowing first to get to the upper reaches of the river for breeding.  Hopefully the images are sufficiently contrasting to given some idea of the increased flow of the river.


The field

I then moved closer to Totnes to check on two places I have photographed quite regularly in differing conditions.  The first spot is actually a field although confusion on that would be understandable!

The weir in flood

The weir - summer

A little further down the river Dart, just above Totnes, is a weir which is the highest tidal point on the river.  Again the difference can be seen.

We are fortunate here – the weather has mostly been an inconvenience.  There are places in the UK where people are far less fortunate and will be homeless for some time to come.  They are in our thoughts.