The course I am doing has made me look at photography and my photography quite differently.  Driving can now be quite awkward – I sometimes see things I want to take a picture of :).

A little while ago the week’s assignment was to find “colour” – bright and not necessarily identifiable.  Two of the images here are ones I used on the course directly. Of the three remaining,  two are related to course ones and, with the final one, were ones I got yesterday.

The top image is similar to the course one but has a little more in.  When I took it for the course the sun was on it but as it had been dry there were no fresh water streaks on it and I like this one too.

The interface between rock and sky Close to the spot I took that I also took this one and it was used for the course.  It is a very tight crop but I liked the combinations of texture, sharpness and colour.

I like this blue one in some ways.  It is just so blue.  I would not have dreamed of taking such It's bluean image even a couple of months ago.

Rust I guess I find decay interesting photographically and so rust can draw me.  The sun was on this and it stood out well.

Finally – a self portrait in a manner of speaking.  I used this object on the course but decided to introduce a different aspect here.  I like the idea of shadow photography at times.  Whatever else my style is wider than it was :).
Self potrait