A walk on the beach

Into the sunlightThe plan last week was to go to the city to do some shopping…  The forecast looked quite good – fortunately my partner is tolerant (and likes the coast too) so we headed off for a walk in some rare late Autumn sunshine.

Looking eastThe contrasts in light and colour looking Looking westroughly west (into the sun) or east (away from the sun) were remarkable.  Looking east there was a good light on some quite strong colours, looking west the sun created some great light conditions which some people would call “overexposed”!  I read Michael Freeman’s book “Exposure” a while back and learned a lot from it – apart from anything else there is no such thing as correct exposure, the issue is what the photographer wishes to be seen.

Concrete sculpture

Sandstone archFishing

The sea was not as dramatic as I had hoped but there was some good movement and colour in the water and the rocks and cliffs around had a real warmth of colour from the sandstone.  The presence (or absence) of fishermen (actually there were women there so I guess fisherpeople) introduced a further facet.

This section of the South West Coast Path has some good contrasts along it.  To the west is some quite high sandstone cliffs which come to an end just here.  Immediately after this is Dawlish Warren an area of dunes with interesting bird and wildlife much of the year.  These dunes are where the River Exe flows into the sea.

Colours and light