The effects of the sea

Under the Peir

The photography course that I am doing is extremely rewarding and without it the images for this photo shoot would be quite different.  I now look at things with a somewhat different eye.  Someone has suggested I am getting a ‘house style’ but I haven’t spotted it for myself yet!

This was from a short stroll along the beaches at Preston and Paignton in Devon.  I was hoping for some good seas but the water was quite calm although it was windy and, at times, cloudy.

Walking around the harbour I found this one.

Tyres at the harbour

The geometry and the colours appealed.  Seaweed on the tyres, rust on the metal and sun on part of it.

Paignton Pier

I did manage a conventional image of the pier however – this is a stitch from three images created with Hugin.  It should make it on to Commons in due course.

And finally

Talking telescope There should be a competition for this one. What would you like a Talking Telescope to say to you? 🙂


  1. Great shots Nigel, especially the topmost “under the pier”. Did you try taking that one from an angle as well? Kind of curious how that may have looked. Finn

  2. Yes I took the pier from underneath from both sides. I guess this one seemed the more interesting – I am still working out what I want to put here. However – it is raining and I am running through old images! Comments appreciated – regards Nigel

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